Myanmar Rising: Five-part series. Radio France Internationale. May 2013.

Credit: Janak Rogers

Credit: Janak Rogers

Myanmar has undergone a series of rapid changes in the last few years, as the country emerges from decades of military rule.

After more than five decades of censorship, Myanmar's artists now have greater freedom and the contemporary art scene is thriving, though some artists still struggle to avoid government scrutiny.

A generation is growing up that looks likely to live very different lives from their parents. No longer isolated, young people in Myanmar are embracing the internet, cellphones, and a new-found freedom of expression.

Myanmar's tourism industry is enjoying an unprecedented boom, as the country opens up to foreigners after decades of isolation and international sanctions. But the boom means hotel prices are skyrocketing, and there is a shortage of accommodation in some areas amid concerns that  Myanmar might not be ready for the tourist influx.

Recent changes to media law means that there are more newspapers going to print and censorship has for the most part been lifted. 

International aid and finance are once again flowing into Myanmar, whose military government launched reforms two years ago. But can the south-east Asian country absorb the sudden influx of money?

This five-part series, recorded for Radio France Internationale, looks at Myanmar reemergence on to the world stage.