Travels in the Red Corridor.  52 mins. 


In the resource-rich forests of central India a war is being fought. For the last 40 years, a left-wing guerilla army – known as the Naxalite or Maoist insurgency – has been fighting the state in a battle over land, resources and political ideology. The Indian government considers the Naxalite-Maoist insurgency to be the country's 'biggest domestic security threat'. In 2009, the Indian government launched a massive paramilitary offensive known as Operation Green Hunt which continues to this day.

But who are the Maoist-Naxalites? And why are they fighting? And why are so many of India's indigenous tribal people – the adivasis – taking up arms against the state? 

These days we hear a lot about India's economic growth, its army of call centres and IT professionals, but a lot less is said about India's tribals...

As India grows economically, who is is paying the price?

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The documentary was first broadcast on ABC Radio National's Awaye program.